Kenya Attractions

Information Kenya
Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa. It has an area of 582,644 sq km of which 45,240 sq km (8%) is under wildlife conservation sactuaries. The Equator runs straight through the middle of the country.
Kenya has two major cities, Nairobi, the capital city and Mombasa, the Coastal City and the largest port in East Africa.

Kenya has a colourful mixture of people. The current population of 45 million is made up of 42 ethnic groups. The minority, Asians and Europeans live mainly in urban centres. This ethnic diversity has produced a harmoniuos mixture of people with rich cultural heritage. People live harmoniuosily with wildlife. This has given Kenya a unique identity. The rich cultural heritage is expressed through song, dance, art and handcraft.

Kenya's official language is English while Swahili is the national language. Swahili is the lingua franca spoken by the largest number of people in Africa. Microsoft is in the process of writing computer programs in Swahili. French, German, Spanish and Italian are also spoken in tourism industry.

Temperature in Kenya depends on altitude. Coast is hot and humid with average temperatures of 30oC while that of Nairobi is 22oC. There are two rainy seasons, March to May, and October to December. The rest of the year is dry. July and August are the coldest months with average temperatures declining to as low as 10oC.

In the areas most frequented by visitors on safari, the weather is ideal as it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Local time is GMT plus three hours (+3 GMT). Due to location at the Equator, days and nights are equal.

Parks and Reserves
Total wildlife conservation area is 8% of Kenya's total area. Main parks and reserves are: Aberdare National Park, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Samburu Game Reserve and Tsavo National Park. In these game sanctuaries, there are 80 major animal species and over 1,580 bird species. For more details on parks and reserves, click here

International Airports
There are three international airports in Kenya:
¨      Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. JKIA is 18 km from the city center,
       a half hour's drive. The busiest of the three airports and is served by almost
       all the worlds major airlines.
-      Moi International Airport, Mombasa.  MIA is the busiest and the most modern
       airport in the East African coast and offers connection to major cities in Europe.
¨      Eldoret International Airport. Eldoret is in western Kenya, 310 km from Nairobi.
       It is the newest airport.